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Hello Kitty phone on Breaking Bad, Jessie Pinkman is so hard core!
September 23 2013

It was funny at first because you thought Jessie was finally going away but then he stayed and so did this adorable Hello Kitty case which has become a staple of the show. The irony between cute phone and murdering drug dealers says that all is good in the world as long as we still have Hello Kitty in it.

Top 9 Killer Phone Cases
September 17 2013

When is it appropriate to bring a phone to a knife fight? Well, apparent if you had any of these cases, it would certainly be appropriate and could quite possibly give you the upper hand with the element of surprise. We've rounded up a list of 9 interesting and possible deadly phone cases that are sure to surprise anyone trying to attack you and will probably become quite useful in...

New Apple iPhone 5C Announced
September 10 2013

The rumors of an affordable iPhone have been circulating for some time now and today iPhone finally delivered the goods. Although the "C" in 5C might have stood for cheap, the iPhone 5C isn’t exactly as affordable as we were guessing it would be – $99 for the 16GB and $199 for the 32GB both with two year contracts – but it is a fun spin we have not seen...

New Apple iPhone 5S Announced
September 10 2013

In addition to the release date for iOS 7 (September 18th) and the iPhone 5C announcements, the most interesting product debuted at today’s Apple event was the iPhone 5S. With a plethora of exciting new features and the much anticipated gold version, the new 5S will start at $199 for a 16GB version and go up to $399 for the 64GB. The phone will come loaded with a 64-bit chip...

Hello Kitty Fun Facts
August 16 2013

We are sure you already knew that Hello Kitty is one of the most beloved brands in the world but here are some interesting facts you might not have known about. 

The History of Retail in 100 Objects Infographic
July 31 2013

Thought this was interesting since it pertains to our business. Guess what? Everything is going mobile your next store where you'll buy anything and everything is your phone. So better start protecting your valuable phones with some stylish cute phone cases. ; )   Source:

Self-Tanning 101
June 24 2013

In the world of makeup, your foundation will never look good if you don’t take care of the skin underneath. And in fashion, your clothes will never be just right without the proper base. For spring and summer styles, that equals a healthy glow. But how do you get one without risking cancer or super-streaky, crazy orange stripes? Look up product reviews online to find something you think will work...

A Gel Manicure Without the Gel
June 24 2013

Gel manicures are hot this season, for obvious reasons: who doesn’t want a manicure that lasts two weeks without chipping? And as spring and summer tend to make manicures devolve into peeled messes even quicker given the weather, swimming, and general outdoor fun we all engage in, they’re even more enticing. So how do you make your hands look as good as your cute iPhone 4 cases, and stay that...

Style Ideas for Long Hair
June 24 2013

Are you looking for an amazing hairstyle so that your long locks match up with your cute iPhone 4 case? Well, we have a few winners for our Rapunzel-like readers! Off to the side: Kristen Stewart rocks this look, and Keri Russel’s character on The Americans is incredibly partial to it as well. With hair that has some texture (either curled or wavy), simply pull it all off to the...

Getting the Fringe
June 24 2013

If you’ve been spending any time on Instagram with your iPhone 5, you know that fringe is definitely making its way back in trend, with celebrities, musicians, and everybody in between choosing to go for some bangs this summer. So what types are going to be hot in the coming months? The blunt cut. From Kim Kardashian to Zooey Deschanel, a blunt bang is the next big thing. Perfect with...

Spring and Summer Hair Do’s and Don’ts
June 24 2013

We must say – we love the mix of hair trends this season. Unlike years past, you aren’t stuck with just one “it” style, which means there’s something that will fit about anyone’s preferences. Peruse images on your iPhone 5 based on these trends, and find a look that works with your style and natural hair texture! Super-straight: Straight, silky hair was on trend for several years. Yet in the...

Irresistible Spring Shoes
June 24 2013

While we’re certainly a huge fan of boots, depending on where you live, that may be about your only option during the fall and winter. After all, while the extreme fashionista will happily wear 5-inch stilettos in 6 inches of snow, we aren’t that committed. However, spring and summer are here, which means there’s a whole world of styles out there! The sling-back is perfect for a classy, upscale occasion...

Fun Summer Nail Polish Ideas
May 19 2013

So why can’t we get enough of all of the various nail polish ideas and trends out there? Because it’s one small, relatively easy way to completely upgrade your look, keeping things stylish even if you’re hanging out in a t-shirt and shorts. Here are some new trends and pairings that we love lately, and some have inspired a few of our cute iPhone 5 cases!   Sweet and Edgy:...

Edgy Punk Inspired Pieces Are Back!
May 07 2013

So if we judge by the 2013 Met Gala Red Carpet, there’s only one fashion tidbit that we can be sure of: punk is coming back into vogue, and it’s doing so with a vengeance. Of course, we’ve already come out with a whole bunch of punk-inspired iPhone 4 cases, but what else can you do to incorporate this trend into your new spring and Summer wardrobe? Here are a...

DIY Fashion for Spring
April 30 2013

Are you excited for Spring? We are too – however, our wallets aren’t. There are a lot of fun new trends out, from surprise lace details to studs, and we want to play with all of them without actually buying a new wardrobe. If you’re like us, you’ll be all over these DIY fashion ideas to update your Spring wardrobe! Studded Shirt: Studs are everywhere this spring, providing a nice...

Spring 2013: Hair Trends to Go With Your New iPhone 5 Case
April 24 2013

Spring trends are often just as much about the hair as they are the clothes, and this season is certainly no different. From a perfected natural look to amazing accessories, couple one of these trends with your newest iPhone 5 case for a completely updated Spring look!  Printed scarves: One of the newest ways to dress up your style, printed scarves in breezy fabrics are hot this Spring. Wrap one...

This Is What It Happens When 140+ Corgis Have A Beach Party
April 23 2013

Of course we love Corgi, we have an office corgi of our own "Butters" who may have unintentionally gotten some dog hair in our shipments but we only wish we knew about this so we could have been there. What brought this to our attention is was there was a picture of someone who not only loves corgis but also had one of our Pink Dotti Cases there on the...

Phone Case Trends For the Younger Crowd
April 15 2013

Many would argue that the younger crowd started the whole decorative iPhone 4 case idea in the first place, and so of course, this demographic is leading the trend scene today. Here are some of our favorite cases that we’ve been seeing the 16 to 26 crowd sporting: Designer phone cases: Mid- to high-end designers were bound to find their way to the phone case industry eventually, and the younger...

CTIA 2013 Infographic - The Amazing Smart Phone
April 12 2013

Here are some very interesting stats on the mobile device world but what I noticed is that there is no mention of texting or SMS because from what I heard, texting is actually the carriers largest source of revenue because the cost of text vs the price we pay is substantially disproportionate. I would have like to see that aspect of it. Also wonder about the break down of data...

2013 Spring Style Trends: Male Edition
April 11 2013

Male fashion has come quite a long way in recent years (to put it mildly). So what’s on the horizon for spring fashion, and what iPhone 5 cases go along with these latest trends? Let’s get started! The newest neutral. Update your wardrobe with various shades of pale grey. Still masculine, yet not as hard to pull off as pastels, it’s light, perfect for the office and the weekend and...

Spring Nail Polish Trends 101
April 11 2013

Nail polishes, like cell phones, have come a long way since the days of perfect pink or red manicures, and this season your nails have trends of their own to follow. Here are a few of our favorites, and some ideas on how to coordinate your iPhone 5 case with each one! The new vampy red: Since the 1990s, the red-that’s-almost-black polish was the Queen of sexy, borderline-inappropriate-for-the-office nails; this...

Spring 2013 Style Report
March 25 2013

On March 21st, we officially changed seasons, and stores are being flooded with the latest in spring styles. Here’s how you can easily translate these awesome ideas into your newest iPhone 5 case!  Black and White In years past, Springtime has been flooded with a plethora of pastels, reminiscent more of candy than actual clothing. This year’s trends are decidedly more edgy, and while pastels are still A-Okay, a black...

Decorating Your iPhone Case
March 12 2013

Cell phone cases are the easiest way to have something cute on you at all times. Decorating a case by hand or purchasing a cute case for the phone says a lot about you as a person. There are many fun ways to create the perfect case that expresses your personality. Before You Buy a Phone Case Before you purchase a cell phone case, you should know what kind of...

Cute Women Style Trends
February 28 2013

Everyday styles change and very few things remain fashionable for long periods of time. Recently, several new fashions have been introduced that are cute and easy to add to a wardrobe. These popular fashions will remain usable for years and will always add an adorable touch to your outfit. No matter your age, you can easily adapt these interesting and cute tips into your attire. Best of all, phone cases,...

Top Women's Style Trends Today
February 20 2013

Vibrant hues, pop art prints, seductive lace and plenty of bling are some of the top trends among women today. Whether it's clothing, shoes, accessories or even cell phone cases, women everywhere want to have what's in and most definitely what's chic. So, what's hot among fashion focused women and celebrities today? Read on for the latest in clothing, accessories, make-up, jewelry, phone cases and more.  Fashion, Fashion, Fashion When...

Mobile Phone Fashion: Protect and Personalize Your Phone
February 07 2013

Mobile phones have evolved from a convenience to a near necessity. They are so common these days that, for women especially, they now double as an accessory. While most of our phones still spend a good portion of the time hidden in our pockets or purses, when we bring them out they might as well be as attractive as possible. Whether you want your phone's appearance to be simple and...

Cute iPhone 5 Cases - A Black Color Story
December 31 2012

Cute Black iPhone 5 Cases. All this can be yours at Get it Now!

Cute iPhone 5 Cases - A White Color Story
December 31 2012

Cute white iPhone 5 Cases. All this can be yours at oh yea!

2012 Holiday Sale - All Month Long - Starts December
November 22 2012

2012 Cyber Monday Sale - Starts 11/26 - Ends Monday Midnight
November 22 2012

Cute iPhone 5 Cases - A Pink Color Story
December 31 2012

Your dream pink iPhone 5 case collection. All this can be yours at

Black Friday Shopping Frenzy
November 30 2012

Through a credit crunch, recession, housing crisis and jobless recovery, Americans find it hard to stay away from the stores come Thanksgiving weekend. Beginning on Black Friday - the day when retailers offer their biggest discounts in hopes that the revenues bring them "in the black" - and wrapping up with the online sales of Cyber Monday, the number of people shopping has been steadily increasing since 2006. Source:

2012 Black Friday Sale - 11/23 Starts Midnight EST
November 22 2012

Official iPhone 5 Features and Video
September 12 2012

Apple is unveiling the iPhone 5 today—and working very hard to convince everyone that it's a big leap from the last iPhone, the 4S. See images of the entire announcement on our Facebook "We've updated every aspect of iPhone 5," CEO Tim Cook boasted. "Everything has been enhanced." Which is nice, but could also be read as a euphemism for, "There's not really any one thing here that's revolutionary." ...

Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Edition
September 11 2012

If you're looking for a decidedly entry-level Android handset, and you love all things Hello Kitty, then this is the phone you've been waiting for... if you live in Europe or Japan. Sigh... Samsung will be releasing a special Hello Kitty edition of the Galaxy Y in select countries and has already started selling in Japan. This special edition Hello Kitty Samsung Galaxy Y complete with all the pink trim...

Here's What Your Nail Polish Brand Says About Your Personality
September 06 2012

In case you haven't noticed, nail polish is more popular now than it has ever been before. And while that has been known to go wrong every now and then, the upside is that even people who might have stuck with nude nails a few years ago are experimenting more with color, design, and, lately, texture. But even the most outrageous nail art lover has their favorite brands to fall back on. What...

Cool iPhone 5 Infographic Show Likelihood of Features
August 31 2012

There are too many iPhone 5 rumors to count as we approach the rumored iPhone 5 launch on September 12th. It’s not difficult to find iPhone 5 leaks and rumored features, but it is tough to pick the features Tim Cook is most likely to announce at the new iPhone launch event. compiles the rumored iPhone 5 features and asked several writers including iDownboadBlog, Cult of Mac and others to weigh in on which features...

iPhone 5 Preview Renders
August 20 2012

Could this be legitimate images of the new iPhone 5? Some things point to what's been talked about yet other things contradict what we've seen. First of all the back seems tapered much like the 3GS but aluminum, this contradicts early images on the internet showing a sharp straight edge which resembled the iPhone 4 but with out the extruded screen and chrome bevel around the edge. The screen proportions...

Kendall Jenner Chanel Style Tufted White iPhone Case
August 09 2012

A different outfit, a different iphone case!

Kendall Jenner Glitter iPhone Case
August 09 2012

Kendall Jenner really knows how to look cute and beautiful but one thing's for sure, she really seems to have a different iPhone case for every outfit. Now that's really dedicated accessorizing.

Ashley Simpson's cute white and silver iPhone case
July 31 2012

It's pretty cool and stylish, the thing about white and silver is it's distinctly feminine yet bold and matches nearly anything. Great choice.

Brittany Snow opts for a cute Blue iPhone Case
July 31 2012

Ariel Winter simple cute clear iPhone case with Black bumper
July 31 2012

It really pops in contrast to her bright red dress and beautiful smile.

Jordin Sparks showing off her cute pink iPhone case
July 31 2012


Selena Gomez with her cute pink iPhone case
July 31 2012


Miley Cyrus with her hot pink iPhone case.
July 31 2012


Katherine McPhee with her cute little purple iPhone case.
July 31 2012


Natashia Ho's Cute Pink iPhone Case with Clear Back
July 31 2012

Natashia Ho, walking with Joe Jonas also fashion coordinating her iPhone with her pick dress. Again, coincidence? I think not!

Jamie Chung Cute Neon Orange iPhone Case
July 31 2012

Makes me wonder if it's a coincidence that her case matches her New Balance shoes, can't be, it's too fashion coordinated to be an accident. Now that's good accessory planning. haha

Emma Roberts Haha Cute Gameboy iPhone Case
July 31 2012

Ashley Benson Cute Marc Jacobs iPhone Case
July 31 2012

Hopefully we can carry some of these Marc Jacobs cases soon too, they are so cool.

Willow Smith shopping for cute pink iPhone cases.
July 23 2012

You are shopping at the wrong place girl, you should be here on hahaha.

So true... so true....
July 20 2012

Well I think we would all prefer 50 Shades of Gray babies over Magic Mike babies any day.

Cute jeweled Ram case for iPhone 4/4S
July 20 2012

If you are born in 1979 or 1991 your year is coming up, 2015 will be the year of the Ram. I don't know if this has anything to do with it but incase you really want to start preparing super early. then you can start now and get this case. Then use it all the time during your year for good luck.... i think. But next year is the year...

Little Kimono Girl iPhone 4/4S Case with hidden mirror
July 20 2012

Pretty cool little case, really popular in asia right now. Has a cute little geisha girl on the back which you can slide up to reveal a small mirror.

EYN Case for iPhone 4/4S with Wallet Compartment
July 19 2012

It's a pretty cool idea, a phone case with a back compartment for money and credit card. It's cool and handy design and pretty cute in pink but the only issue is that it does make the iPhone pretty fat. If it replaces your wallet then it's not a bad option and is probably really handy when you want to go out clubbing and only want to bring some money...

Monthly Lolli VIP Club Giveaway: July 2012
July 18 2012

Sign up for the Lolli VIP Club before the end of July and you can be entered into a chance to win this super cute white KiKi Cat Case compatible with the HTC EVO 3D or and iFace Revolution IceLick iPhone 4/4S case. Your choice of either. All you have to do is enter in your email in the VIP Club area at the bottom of our website at

Monster Diamond Tears Headphones, Wow $260 bucks.
July 18 2012

So my guess is now that Monster has proven itself with beats, they probably don't really need the Dre endorsement anymore to sell legitimately good headphones on their own brand alone. It's a pretty cool design thats probably going to be super popular in asia with the girls. I think we should expect to see many more of these to come.

Grasshopper iPhone 4 Case, what do you think of it?
July 18 2012

Seems to be popping up quite a bit in asia, and it seems very versatile being both a stand, and a glass mount case. But for some reason the eyeballs seems unnecessary to me like maybe they took the idea too far. What are your thought? Would you like to see us carry some of these?  

Hot Drink Refill iPhone Case and Battery by iNature
July 17 2012

So my friend came back from Hong Kong with this really cool battery case combo. The case itself is really well designed and features a small plus sign slot. This is where it gets cool, it is accompanied by a battery which goes from 1050 mAh up to 3500 mAh cutely named Black Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate and Green Tea. Black being the lowest and Green Tea being the highest, but...
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