What's so cool about Bubblepack July 12 2012

Well I didn't even know this myself until i learned more about the Bubblepack but it's really quite smart. Basically it's a back cover for your iPhone but it has a space in it to place any kind of RFID card inside.

This could be like your Metro Card, and Fastpay VISA or like one of those office access key cards. It's pretty cool after I realized that because I have my office key card in my wallet and always have to pull out my fat wallet to get the door open and because the wallet is so thick it doesn't always work. My boss wears his like a leash which also seems inconvenient and a fashion faux-pas. 

Two great reasons to have it on your phone is that your phone is thin and you don't really add more to it and secondly you almost always have your phone with you. Check out these images and you'll get a better idea of how it works.