Hot Drink Refill iPhone Case and Battery by iNature July 17 2012

So my friend came back from Hong Kong with this really cool battery case combo. The case itself is really well designed and features a small plus sign slot. This is where it gets cool, it is accompanied by a battery which goes from 1050 mAh up to 3500 mAh cutely named Black Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate and Green Tea. Black being the lowest and Green Tea being the highest, but kind of doesn't really reflect on the amount of caffeine does it? 

Anyhow, the Plus slot matches up with the extruded Plus cross on the battery which then magnetically locks into place with the case and it's pretty secure and sturdy. Then to connect the battery to your phone all you have to do is plug in the 30-pin connector and it'll start charging. Aside form the clearly awesome design, it's really cool that you can use the batter when you need and take it off when you don't and still have a really cool case that just stands alone as a great design in itself. 

Looks like its a new product for iPhone 4 and 4S however we haven't seen it here in the states yet but hopefully we can get it here for our store soon. Take a look at it below and let us know what you think