iPhone 5 Preview Renders August 20 2012

Could this be legitimate images of the new iPhone 5? Some things point to what's been talked about yet other things contradict what we've seen. First of all the back seems tapered much like the 3GS but aluminum, this contradicts early images on the internet showing a sharp straight edge which resembled the iPhone 4 but with out the extruded screen and chrome bevel around the edge. The screen proportions seem correct with the wider screen that goes from edge to edge and the greatly reduced top and bottom areas for speaker, camera and home button. The sides seem correct with the volume controls, but what we are really missing here which would help confirm this rendering is the new dock connector and audio jack position.

These images however were released back in July 2012 so since then there have been many updates.

Below are more recent updates from Macrumors.com which show more of what confirms what everyone else has seen. A more iPhone 4 style design just thinner and longer. We think that that back part whether tapered or flat is going to be the big question, it doesn't require much for Apple to change that one the fly and they have been known to have many test runs upwards of 30K which could easily mislead many people and keep competitors on their toes. The thing is even through they both look different from that aspects they both also share many of the same basic discussions such as the larger screen, the taller height and the dock connector. So some of these rumors must come from the same sources or an effervescence of a common idea.