Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Edition September 11 2012

Samsung Galaxy Y Hello Kitty Edition

If you're looking for a decidedly entry-level Android handset, and you love all things Hello Kitty, then this is the phone you've been waiting for... if you live in Europe or Japan. Sigh... Samsung will be releasing a special Hello Kitty edition of the Galaxy Y in select countries and has already started selling in Japan. This special edition Hello Kitty Samsung Galaxy Y complete with all the pink trim you could ever ask for. With a special home button, a two-tone pastel pink and white case, and even special wallpapers and ringtones to complete the total Hello Kitty experience.

Unfortunately, there's no spec increase from the last version so it's still a 3-inch screen, 800MHz CPU, and on old version of the software (based on Android 2.3). 

The question is will die hard fan jump on it or are they willing to wait for the Hello Kitty Galaxy Note 2. If there is a chance of that coming out.

Already on Amazon you can find unlocked version for sale so if you gotta have it for a hefty price, check it out.