Mobile Phone Fashion: Protect and Personalize Your Phone February 07 2013

Mobile phones have evolved from a convenience to a near necessity. They are so common these days that, for women especially, they now double as an accessory. While most of our phones still spend a good portion of the time hidden in our pockets or purses, when we bring them out they might as well be as attractive as possible. Whether you want your phone's appearance to be simple and sophisticated, flashy and dramatic, or cute and stylish, you can find the case, cover, or embellishment you're looking for. 

Types of Cases Mobile phones are expensive, and protection is an important consideration. Both hard shell and rubberized cases are good choices. Hard cases make it a bit easier to slide your phone in and out of your pocket or purse, but you should be aware that snap-on hard cases can come apart if you drop your phone. You can find a happy medium in a hard rubberized case. These are one-piece cases that snap on solidly to your phone, but have a rubberized exterior. 

Cost Prices for mobile phone cases can range from pennies to $50 or more. Genuine Swarovski crystal cases cost as much as a mobile phone. Sparkle need not be expensive, however. Finding the Case for Your Phone If you happen to have an iPhone, cute iPhone cases are sold nearly everywhere. Stores such as grocery or drug stores tend to focus on functional cases over stylish ones. Cases that are more stylish cases can be found online, with cases available for most phone brands. Online stores that sell phone accessories usually categorize by brand of phone. Make sure you are buying a case for your exact brand and model number. 

Custom Cases Stores that offer personalized photo gifts, like calendars or coffee mugs, usually offer photo phone cases. As long as you don't use a photo that you do not own the rights to, you can generally use any personal photo for your case. Design Your Own Case If you're the crafty type, you can design your own phone case with rhinestones, stickers or other embellishments. If you have a knack for needlework, you can purchase a type of rubberized case that serves as a blank cross stitch canvas. If you sew, you can find patterns for pocket phone cases that let you choose the fabric and design. 

The design possibilities for do-it-yourself phone cases are endless. Skins For pure decoration, another option is skinning. A skin is not a case and offers very little in the way of protection. What it does offer is a fantastic look. A skin works in the same way as a screen protector, except it goes on the back of the phone and has a design printed on it. Skins are often sold with a matching wallpaper image. Used together, a skin and wallpaper create an amazingly beautiful phone.