Top Women's Style Trends Today February 20 2013

Vibrant hues, pop art prints, seductive lace and plenty of bling are some of the top trends among women today. Whether it's clothing, shoes, accessories or even cell phone cases, women everywhere want to have what's in and most definitely what's chic. So, what's hot among fashion focused women and celebrities today? Read on for the latest in clothing, accessories, make-up, jewelry, phone cases and more. 

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

When it comes to trends, fashion definitely sets the standard and the rest seem to follow. Clothing, shoes and accessories lead the way for trends that are tailored to match it, including make-up, jewelry and even cell phone cases. In 2013, lace has been notable in the runways and it has spread to women's wardrobes across the globe. Lace detailing on shirts, skirts, pants and sweaters add a delicate touch to an otherwise basic piece. Celebrities everywhere are being photographed with peek a boo style lace party dresses that offer coverage with a hint of sexiness and sophistication. Selma Hayek, Diane Kruger and even Kate Middleton have hit the red carpet at premiers and award shows with low cut lace dresses and matching lace applique accessories. 

Cute iPhone Cases 

Let's face it, if you have an smart phone, you probably have an iPhone. Whether it's an iPhone 5 or an older version, such as the iPhone 4 or 4S, you must protect your most valuable accessory with a cute iPhone case. Cute, trendy, chic and sometimes even sexy are just some of the words used to describe the latest trend in iPhone cases today. Feminine cases seem to lead the trend, including cases embellished with crystals, wrapped in leather and even detailed with lace! Bling is what's in and there are plenty of cute iPhone cases covered in it. Animal prints and faux animal skins, such as snake and alligator, have also made a comeback not only in fashion but in phone cases as well. With such a wide selection of faux skins and styles, at the right price, you can find a case to match your wallet and handbag to coordinate your entire look. 

Shoes Are Made for Walking 

Women everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that comfort leads the shoe trends for 2013. Spring fashion trends are pointing towards low heels and flats this season, while steering away from super high platforms and stilettos. Pointy low heels, popular in the early 1990s, have made a comeback, along with comfortable ballet slippers and dainty summer flats. Pair them with short shorts, a pair of Bermudas or your favorite pair of skinny jeans to complete the comfortable yet trendy runway look. 

Accessories Speak Volumes When it comes to accessories, statement pieces lead the pack this year. Bold, colorful sunglasses in vibrant hues are being worn by celebrities across the globe, including Rihanna, Halle Berry and the Kardashians sisters. Sunglasses such as the popular Ray ban Wayfarers, popular in the late 80s and 90s, are more popular now than ever and they're available in every color of the rainbow.