Decorating Your iPhone Case March 12 2013

Cell phone cases are the easiest way to have something cute on you at all times. Decorating a case by hand or purchasing a cute case for the phone says a lot about you as a person. There are many fun ways to create the perfect case that expresses your personality.

Before You Buy a Phone Case

Before you purchase a cell phone case, you should know what kind of phone you have. Cases fit differently depending on the version of the phone that you have. iPhone 5's are a slightly different shape than iPhone 4's. Next, you should think of how you would like to style your phone. Handmade decorations add a personal touch to your attire and can not only look cute, but make you appear crafty. Custom printed phone cases are perfect for social people, because you can use a picture that shows all of your favorite people. Premade cases come in all shapes and sizes as well.

Decorating an iPhone Case

There are many easy ways to decorate an iPhone case. The easiest way is to get a plain case and stickers or rhinestones. The plain colors draw out the colors on the stickers or rhinestones, and give an overall cute and unique look. Another popular way to create a cute iPhone case is by using a cross-stitch pattern. Find a pattern online or purchase a kit. Then, get a jelly or soft silicone case in the color of your choice. This is not only a fun craft, but a great way to make a cute, custom case!

Custom Printed Cases

Some companies are available to print cell phone cases using a photo that you provide. This is a great way to show off your favorite photo or custom artwork to the world! Some people will even use pictures of their favorite cartoon or anime characters in place of real life photos to show off their love for the program in an extra-cute way.

Purchasing a Cute iPhone Case

If you aren't good with crafts and don't want to take the time to wait for a case to be printed, there are many pre-made cases available on the market. These range in everything from solid colors to abstract patters or animal faces. Hard and soft cases are available too, depending on personal preference. Some of the cutest trends for iPhone cases include bunny ears, which come in all different shades and are perfect for the holidays. Other animals include owls, elephants, and monkeys, which are all very cute. Having the entire back of a case in tiny, colorful rhinestones is also very popular. Cases with bow ties and rhinestones that look home made can also be purchased online to add a cute touch to the phone.