Spring Nail Polish Trends 101 April 11 2013

Nail polishes, like cell phones, have come a long way since the days of perfect pink or red manicures, and this season your nails have trends of their own to follow. Here are a few of our favorites, and some ideas on how to coordinate your iPhone 5 case with each one!

The new vampy red: Since the 1990s, the red-that’s-almost-black polish was the Queen of sexy, borderline-inappropriate-for-the-office nails; this season, the vampy shade has morphed into a decadent charcoal color. If gray isn’t your thing, deep purple and inky navy are also good ways to play with this new twist on a classic, yet edgy, manicure. These three shades go perfectly with an all-white case or a bold, graphic design!

Pure and simple: Last season it was the ubiquitous nude, with women across the globe searching for that perfect your-skin-but-brighter shade. This season, opt for milky whites, creamy neutrals, and, if you’ve found it, that perfect nude from last season. Update your French manicure with less stark polish choices (keep the tip a creamy pink rather than a harsh white) and outfit your phone with a metallic crusted iPhone case, using the bling to balance your demure fingertips.

Glitter tips: While Pinterest is filling up with crazy nail art trends, one of the more wearable for the general population is the glitter dipped manicure. Any shade and any combination works, and this nail trend is fantastic with a pretty printed iPhone 5 case. Think floral, water colors, or even a nod towards ombre!