Phone Case Trends For the Younger Crowd April 15 2013

Many would argue that the younger crowd started the whole decorative iPhone 4 case idea in the first place, and so of course, this demographic is leading the trend scene today. Here are some of our favorite cases that we’ve been seeing the 16 to 26 crowd sporting:

Designer phone cases: Mid- to high-end designers were bound to find their way to the phone case industry eventually, and the younger crowd is certainly embracing the new products. Hotter-than-the-sun mid-range designer Michael Kors (infamous for his rose-gold watches and various handbags) has a red ostrich iPhone 4 case that doubles as a wristlet, holding credit cards and other essentials. Gucci has jumped on board with a classic, well-made black case, and BCBG is going for the kawaii case trend, selling boatloads of cases shaped like a bunny rabbit.

Studs: Whether you’re rocking a sweet sundress or leather pants, a phone case with studs is all the rage. From crazy-sparkly rhinestones to legit, spikey-metal embellishments, it adds just a bit of girlishness or edge to any outfit.

Novelty cases: Starting in Japan and known as Kawaii cases (translating to cute cases), animal-shaped iPhone 4 cases are huge with the younger crowd. From zebras to bunnies (see BCBG’s latest), they’re both out-there and adorable!

 And the biggest teen phone trend? Having more than one. While adults buy a phone and accompanying case, typically keeping them until their contract is up and they upgrade, it’s not unusual for teens and young adults to have well over a dozen different phone cases. After all, with so many amazing things to choose from, how can you stick with just one?!?