DIY Fashion for Spring April 30 2013

Are you excited for Spring? We are too – however, our wallets aren’t. There are a lot of fun new trends out, from surprise lace details to studs, and we want to play with all of them without actually buying a new wardrobe. If you’re like us, you’ll be all over these DIY fashion ideas to update your Spring wardrobe!

Studded Shirt: Studs are everywhere this spring, providing a nice counter to the sheer chiffon blouses and pastel shades making their appearance in every department store window. So how do you get the look without buying a new piece? Remove the buttons from a loose fitting button down shirt and replace them with stud buttons (available at any craft store for cheap). If you’re feeling extra creative, add some studs to the shoulder with a press machine (also at craft stores). Stay on trend with gold or bronze studs, and look up how to sew buttons on securely with your iPhone 4!

Patchwork Shorts: Update your cutoffs by adding a patchwork detail. Grab a piece of scrap fabric in a spring-like pattern (fabric stores often sell small remnants for cheap, which means you don’t have to buy a whole yard). Cut it to the size of one half of the shorts and pin it in place on the front. Follow the natural seams of the bottoms, along the pocket and down the center, and sew the patch to the denim. Cut off the excess fabric and voila!

Lace Shoulders: This one is super easy and the results are crazy pretty. Cut a strip out of one or both shoulders in a long sleeve shirt and turn the shirt inside out. Sew a piece of lace to cover the strip and turn it right side out. The results? A lace insert for only a few dollars, perfectly on trend and in budget.

When you try one of these, snap a photo with your iPhone 5 and share it on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!