Fun Summer Nail Polish Ideas May 19 2013

So why can’t we get enough of all of the various nail polish ideas and trends out there? Because it’s one small, relatively easy way to completely upgrade your look, keeping things stylish even if you’re hanging out in a t-shirt and shorts. Here are some new trends and pairings that we love lately, and some have inspired a few of our cute iPhone 5 cases!


Sweet and Edgy: So you have a pair of heels or sandals decked out in studs, leather, spikes, and any other number of dangerousness, and you don’t know what pedicure goes with it? Try an opposite. Super-sweet pink, dainty white, or a soft pastel all contrast the edge, softening it just a bit all while making your sexiness stand out!


Princess-approved: The Duchess is getting ready to bring a royal into the world, but she still looks stunning. Try a classic shade that’s reportedly her favorite as a spring and summer time staple: Essie’s Allure. It’s soft, clean, and totally gorgeous, and will look fantastic while you’re holding one of our cute iPhone 5 cases!


Draw some attention: Neons are entering their second season of being in style and we couldn’t be happier. Whether you’re walking around in lace or leather and cutoffs, an out-there, vibrant pedicure in neon orange, hot cherry, or blinding yellow is simply stunning.


So what to choose? How about all three! Changing polishes is (kinda) easy, and if you do it on your own, way cheaper than shelling out for every on-trend piece out there. And, it leaves you more money for our iPhone 4 cases!