Spring and Summer Hair Do’s and Don’ts June 24 2013

We must say – we love the mix of hair trends this season. Unlike years past, you aren’t stuck with just one “it” style, which means there’s something that will fit about anyone’s preferences. Peruse images on your iPhone 5 based on these trends, and find a look that works with your style and natural hair texture!

Super-straight: Straight, silky hair was on trend for several years. Yet in the past few, it’s fallen out of favor, much to the dismay of naturally straight-haired girls. This spring and summer it’s back and designers are definitely favoring poker-straight locks with tons of shine. So bust out your flat iron and a quality hair oil (which are all the rage right now)! To break up the long lines, twist a few pieces back to the center of your head (as a bonus, this keeps your hair out of your face when it’s warmer out).

The blow-out: Like straight locks, this one has also been absent for a few seasons, but it’s back once again (in part, we think, because of the stunning wife of Prince William). Blow out your hair with a ceramic round brush and use a bit of texturizing paste at the ends to add some dimension. Curl the ends under for a super-lux effect, and make sure they’re nice and hydrated (nothing’s worse than a smooth blow-out with crispy ends!)

Bohemian waves: And this is why this season is awesome: curly or wavy-haired girls don’t have to battle with a flat iron or round brush to stay on trend. A bit of light mouse or sea salt spray, some scrunching, and you’re all set with beautiful, full hair.

Pair your iPhone 5 case with any of these, and you’ll be the picture of perfect!