Style Ideas for Long Hair June 24 2013

Are you looking for an amazing hairstyle so that your long locks match up with your cute iPhone 4 case? Well, we have a few winners for our Rapunzel-like readers!

Off to the side: Kristen Stewart rocks this look, and Keri Russel’s character on The Americans is incredibly partial to it as well. With hair that has some texture (either curled or wavy), simply pull it all off to the side and keep it there. How do you choose? Look closely at your face, decide which side you like better (it tends to have sharper features, especially along the jawbone), and pull all of your hair to the opposite side. If you need it to stay put, twist the outer edges just a bit and secure it with bobby pins. 

Blunt bangs: Long hair is pretty, but it doesn’t suit longer faces. Give your look a fresh take with blunt cut bangs a ‘la Zooey Deschanel. Keep the outer edges by your temples a bit longer than the pieces in the center and above the brows for a softer look.

The ponytail: Everyone loves this, but on long hair it’s not just a sporty look – it’s super dramatic. Keep it smooth for a more elegant vibe, hiding the elastic with a piece of hair, or tease your roots before pulling it into a softer, more voluminous ponytail. And this keeps your hair out of the way when you’re talking on your iPhone 5!

Straighten it: Long hair is even longer straight, and poker-straight locks are hot this spring and summer. The longer that hair is, the more delicate the ends (because they’re older), so make sure you use a really good heat protectant and treat your hair to a mask to baby the ends.