Self-Tanning 101 June 24 2013

In the world of makeup, your foundation will never look good if you don’t take care of the skin underneath. And in fashion, your clothes will never be just right without the proper base. For spring and summer styles, that equals a healthy glow. But how do you get one without risking cancer or super-streaky, crazy orange stripes?

  1. Look up product reviews online to find something you think will work for you. There are drugstore and high-end tanners that produce a soft, brown glow, without an orange shade in sight.
  2. Shave and exfoliate your entire body. Then, apply a light moisturizer everywhere, and a heavier one on super dry spots, such as your knees and elbows. Let this soak in for a minute while you play on your iPhone 5.
  3. Use a self-tanning mit to apply a light layer of your favorite self-tanner all over, except for your hands, face, and feet. The mit eliminates streak lines caused by fingers.
  4. Use a cotton pad to apply a thin layer on the backs of your hands and feet. Use a face specific product with a mit to tan your face, or just darken up your foundation.
  5. Buff away any harsh edges with an old washcloth. Let yourself dry completely before getting dressed. 

When you’re done, you’ll have the perfect base for breezy spring dresses, summer cutoffs, and every style in between!