New Apple iPhone 5S Announced September 10 2013

In addition to the release date for iOS 7 (September 18th) and the iPhone 5C announcements, the most interesting product debuted at today’s Apple event was the iPhone 5S. With a plethora of exciting new features and the much anticipated gold version, the new 5S will start at $199 for a 16GB version and go up to $399 for the 64GB. The phone will come loaded with a 64-bit chip making it much faster than previous generations, and exciting new features galore such as Touch ID which allows you to unlock your phone by scanning your fingerprint or make iTunes purchases doing the same. The Touch ID technology seems extraordinary considering the historical short falls of fingerprint identification systems in the past. The dual LED flash for the camera so you might actually use it now. but we have yet to see any mention of the rumored slow motion video feature. There are also some nice little improvements to your photo taking such as image stabilization and burst mode for example and it will be available for the first time in gold... yes I love gold! Pre-orders start on Friday and the phone will get released a week later.