New Apple iPhone 5C Announced September 10 2013

The rumors of an affordable iPhone have been circulating for some time now and today iPhone finally delivered the goods. Although the "C" in 5C might have stood for cheap, the iPhone 5C isn’t exactly as affordable as we were guessing it would be – $99 for the 16GB and $199 for the 32GB both with two year contracts – but it is a fun spin we have not seen since the iMac introduction era and not what Apple enthusiast would not have expected from the minimalist, honest design style we've been accustomed to. Available in five different colors, the iPhone 5C will come with iOS 7 set up to match the shade of your phone. The new iPhone 5C will basically replace the iPhone 5 going forward and is, for the most part, the same phone in a plastic suit. Pre-orders start Friday.