Top 9 Killer Phone Cases September 17 2013

When is it appropriate to bring a phone to a knife fight? Well, apparent if you had any of these cases, it would certainly be appropriate and could quite possibly give you the upper hand with the element of surprise. We've rounded up a list of 9 interesting and possible deadly phone cases that are sure to surprise anyone trying to attack you and will probably become quite useful in the case of a zombie apocalypse. They certainly aren't James Bond worthy, they are at least compatible with the latest smartphones as opposed to Bond's ironically super high tech features on dated Nokia phones.

1. Lollimobile - iPhone 5/4 Knuckle Cases

First on our list is the Lollimobile Knuckle Case for iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 which transform your ordinary iPhones into shiny brass knuckles. The cases aren't actually made of brass, which would be illegal in the United States, but instead are made of chrome plated plastic, made to resemble the finish of real metal. Although it looks like it could do some real damage in a fight, it's more likely that it would shatter if it ever met with real human bones and in the process do more damage to you than to your target. Clearly it's for aesthetics only, however it is available in a full aluminum milled version by for a whopping $199. The original Knucklecase was made popular by Hollywood celebrities such as Rihana and Scarlet Johansen to name a few. However, even the $199 version won't necessarily function as a real proper weapon so if you want one just to be fashionable, we suggest you opt for the Lollimobile version which retails at only $15.99.

2. Tacticall - Alpha 1 iPhone 5 Knife Case

The Tacticall Alpha 1 iPhone case could legitimately do some real bodily harm with its flip out 1.5" 440 C Stainless Steel Blade. This small but effective hawkbill style blade with frame lock just looks like it's been crafted to do some real heavy cutting. The frame and parts are made of 5 coatings of aluminum and looks like it's riveted and screwed together for extra durability. It's probably however not a super comfortable grip for stabbing motions without the potential of accidentally cutting yourself or heaven forbid drop your phone, however it probably is just fine for gutting fish, carving hearts and initials into trees and is probably effective enough to ward off any potential danger. In addition to the blade, this case also features a bottle opener which is actually very well designed into the case around the Apple logo. The Tacticall Alpha 1 iPhone 5 case retails for $59.99 and can purchased at

3. Yellow Jacket - iPhone Stun Gun Case

Now this is a pretty interesting concept of a iPhone case stun gun that was promoted on with a goal of $100,000 which it looks to have already surpassed by $751. At it's core it's a battery pack and a pretty thick one at that which provides an additional 20 hours of battery life in stand buy but if the situation calls for it, this power packing case can deliver 650K volts which they claim is easily capable of taking down an attacker. It doesn't seem that much bigger than most traditional stun guns so it's not bad compared to most stun guns but as a phone case, it's not going to fit into your pocket very easily but probably would fit just fine in a purse. They even though through the safety which is a rotating cover which protects the metal contacts from accidentally shocking anyone. Though it looks kind of flimsy hopefully in the final production they will have made it safe and secure. Check it out at indiegogo for more information, however, as of now it looks like pre-order are closed so you'll have to wait until the final products comes to market to buy your own. The initial price was retailing at $100 and hopefully it will remain more or less the same price.

4. TaskLab - TaskOne Utility iPhone Case

The TaskLab TaskOne Utility case for the iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 4/4S is a very well designed swiss army knife of phone cases, packed with 22 tools plus an kickstand. It's actually quite a design accomplishment to fit these 22 tools into a case that is not only organized but extremely compact even compared to most case with no added functionality. Among it's plethora of tools are a 2.5" removable or attached knife which doubles as a 1.8" wood saw, 3 screw drivers one of which can be used as a kickstand leg, a bottle opener, wire cutters and pliers and a wire splitter which doubles as 6 size allen wrenches. Clearly it's the perfect compliment to any outdoorsman or boy scout to help you "be prepared" for any situation. As for a it's utility as a weapon, the blade is as useful as a pocket swiss army knife so unless you got deadly accuracy, it's not going to do much. You can learn more about this case at and the cases are available in three color options for the reasonable price of $99.95.

5. Spraytect - Pepper Spray iPhone 5 Case

Look at the camera, smile and say, "Oh my god my eyes are burning!" If you are looking for a iPhone case that is also a pepper spray bottle, then this seems to be the popular solution, however if you are looking for innovation, you're not going to find it here. While the production value and finish looks very clean and well built. It literally is just a bottle slapped onto the back side of a case. I would imagine there could have been some more innovative ways to design this as we've all see thinner form factors for spray bottles such as flat screen cleaning kits. However, there are few solutions on the market for this and of all that exist, this is by far the cleanest and most well built. Additionally, they seem to have thought through the form and function in that it's easy to push the button with your index finger quite easily to initiate the spray but obviously the cost is the unnecessary bulk added by the bottle to the back of the case. These cases start at $39.95 in a variety of colors and additional pepper spray refill cartridges are $17.95. It doesn't say how may sprays each cartridge can have before needing to refill, so lets just hope you aren't finding yourself needing to use it on a regular basis. You can find out more about it at

6. Adappt Tek - XT Multi-tool iPhone 5/4 case

If Optimus Prime had a utility phone case in his glove compartment, this would probably be it. This relatively thin case includes a flip out 1.5" pretty much is like most small pocket knives and a small thin multi tool card which can be used as a screw driver, wrench, ruler and bottle opener. The design is very simple with a high tech military look and feel. There is little information about this floating around the internet since it seems it was recently removed from indiegogo. It seems the original pledge price for it was $40 which seems quite reasonable compared to the TaskOne case yet it seems it may not have gotten the support it needed to reach it's goal.

7. Universal Cell Phone Case with Folding Knife

The first thing to note is that this product description states "James Bond would approve" which is probably appropriate since as we said early James Bond seems to use very old phones and this case is just that, a case for old or cheap flip phones and as the website points out "MP3 players" for all those late adopters just learning about digital music storage. The knife function of it however is quite impressive, with what looks to be a very sturdy well build 2" drop-point tactical flip knife. It literally is a flip knife with a clip and a old time case attached. It the small phone style also would provide a great grip size as opposed to modern smart phones, perfect for stabbing and slashing motions. I think it is more likely to be something that Walter White would approve since he seems to be constantly snapping cheap flip phones in half and finds himself in grave danger on a daily basis. The case sells for $35.99 for members of the and $39.99 for non-members.

8. Generic Spiked Phone Cases

You can find a plethora of these custom cases in abundance on eBay and Etsy at prices ranging from $29.99 to $49.99 depending on the number studs, spikes and details. Each one is unique and you can find different patterns and options to your liking. For the most part it's simply a case with spikes and studs glued to it or affixed through the back, yet as simple as it sounds, the case itself does look like it could do some serious damage. The last thing any one would want is to see 4 sharp points coming quickly towards them, even if it was something made by a stay at home soccer mom. Look for these cases on or and search for spiked or studded along with your phone type. 

9. Generic Studded iPhone 5 Cases

These cute fashionable cases have been the chose of hipsters and fashionistas all over the country for nearly all of the last year and now it's not uncommon to know someone who already has one. From 12 year old girls to 50 year old grand mothers, spikes cases are were the hottest phone case trend but more recently have been on the down trend. For one thing it is certainly dangerous to both your jeans and your thighs depending on how the case was oriented when you put them into your pants, however if you find yourself in a tough situation, the case might prove to be useful but the only option would be to slap someone and almost certainly risk the high probability that your case will go flying out of your hand. You can find these cases and more at or for prices as low as $9.99 up to $29.99 depending on the quality of the case and the number of spikes or studs. These cases are often hand made however some popular brand names such as Rabito have made some very well made version of spiked cases for their best selling Rabito Bling Bling bunny ear phone cases which can be found exclusively at