Smartphone Market 2012-2013 [Infographic]
September 24 2012

With the recent announcement and subsequent release of the iPhone 5, surveyed 600 American consumers to gather some insights into the current smartphone market. It seems the perceived iPhone 5 excitement continues to lives up to it’s hype: those planning to buy an iPhone 5 are twice as likley to declare they “can hardly wait” compared to those planning on buying an Android smartphone. As an overview of our...

Press Release - Hopes To Import Asia Cute Culture To America
September 03 2012 Hopes To Import Asia Cute Culture To America The Cute Mobile Accessories Wave Is Coming To The United States on Exclusive New Site Orange County, Sept. 1, 2012 — Lollimobile announces the launch of its e-shop (, the exclusive curator of the unique mobile accessories catered specifically to females. Over the last 3 years, sociologist and designer Namanh Hoang of Orange County, CA. has traveled regularly all across Asia,...
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