Bubblepack RFID Card Compartment for iPhone 4/4S Product Review August 12 2012

It's a cute soft bubble backing for your iPhone which transforms your iPhone into a hidden sensor card holder. It's perfect for those subway or door access cards so you don't have to always carry them separately or pull them out of your purse or wallet. It also comes with a thin shielding sheet that helps reduce interference between your phone and the card. It's really an ingenious idea and is a hit all over asia wherever subways and buses are popular.

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Key Features:

This super cool case features a soft bubble backing that sort of feels like a plastic pillow. The key feature is that there is a space in that back cover that lets you put a RFID card such as your door access keycard, credit cards, or metro cards. Then when you need to use it just hold your phone up to the device.


Colors: Mint Green, Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Rose Red, White, Black

Compatible with: Made for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S