AViiQ Bees Series iPhone 5 Case Product Review July 27 2013

The AViiQ Bees Series offer an array of cute iphone 5 case bumpers that are simple and sturdy. These bumpers are made of a special 2 piece design with a hard plastic outer bumper and a soft silicon inner band. The reason for this design is that the hard outer bumper offers maximum protection from drops even if it lands directly on the corner or flat on the face or back because of the extended lip. The inner silicone band has a honeycomb structure which absorbs and dissipates shock so that if it does drop the plastic won't just transfer the force onto the phone but is cushioned by the silicon band. If you need a super protected by simple designed iPhone 5 case bumper, this is the one for you.

Key Features:
Made of a sturdy Poly Carbonate, this iPhone 5 case is hard and sturdy but features a soft silicone inner band for shock absorption.

Colors: White/Pink, White/Gray, Black/Orange, Black/White
Compatible with: Made for iPhone 5