Hello Kitty Bow Cam Series iPhone 5 Cases Product Video Review July 27 2013


This cute iPhone 5 case features a big Hello Kitty face on the back but its cleverly designed into the case so it's not obvious yet well designed. It also features a bow in the corner that nicely fits your iPhone 5 camera lens. Made from a durable silicone it is semi-ridgid with soft luxurious touch. A must have for the girl who loves all things Hello Kitty.

Key Features:
Made from a strong yet flexible silicon which gives it that soft squishy feel. It has excellent abrasion resistance, strength, elasticity and good oil and grease resistance. Also its natural anti-static properties keep it clean and free of dust.

Colors: Black, Blue, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Maroon Red, White
Compatible with: Made for iPhone 5