Lollimobile Clarity Series iPhone 5 Cases Product Video Review July 27 2013


This cute iphone 5 case features a semi transparent thin shell that offer great protection with a thin and light weight form. The semi-transparent nature lets your show off your iPhone 5 details and offers a really nice satin sheen that gives the case a subtle shine that looks luxurious and clean. If you want something clean and high quality with a splash of color, you'll want these for sure.

Key Features:
This case is made from a strong polycarbonate plastic and at .09mm thick, it is thin but still sturdy enough to truly protect it from impact. This iPhone 5 case also offers a raised lip that protects the screen when you lay your phone face down. The fit is tailored to fit the iPhone 5 perfectly.

Colors: Frosted, Pink, Blue, Black, Purple, Red
Compatible with: Made for iPhone 5